2014 Stone and Stang Schedule

We are excited to announce the schedule for Stone and Stang 2014:

Friday – October 3, 2014
3-5pm: Arrive and Set Up
5-6pm: Opening Ceremony
6-8pm: Dinner
8-10pm: Pulling Spirit (Tommie Starchild)

Saturday – October 4, 2014
8-9am: Yoga
9-10am: Breakfast
10-12pm: Consensus Mindset in Building Community (David Shorey)
12-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Heart Circle (Ken Dell)
3-5pm: Free Time
5-7pm: Dinner
7-9pm: Blood Fruit (Majd Murad)
9-11pm: The Cauldron of Transformation: From Pain to Power with the Dark Goddess (Briar)

Sunday – October 5, 2014
8-9am: Yoga
9-10am: Breakfast
10-12pm: Wood Witchery: Creating Magic with the Sacred Trees (Blackthorn)
12-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Deepening the Journey: Techniques for Trance States (Khi Armand)
3-6pm: Free Time
6-8pm: Dinner
8-10pm: The Rite of the Seven Jars (Storm Faerywolf)

Monday – October 6, 2014
8-9am: Yoga
9-10am: Breakfast
10-12pm: Cleanup and Tear Down
12-1pm: Closing Ceremony


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