Stone and Stang 2014

MAGICAL AGENTS OF CHANGE: Healing our Selves, our Community, and our World.

Date: October 3rd Р6th, 2014

Location: The Santa Cruz Mountains (Exact location will be given to registrants upon confirmation)

Our theme for this exciting weekend centers around creating social change and healing through the lens of magic and brotherhood by spotlighting on three specific areas:

  • Our Selves: We will address and begin to heal the emotional wounds of our past by looking at how homophobia has effected us on a personal level.
  • Our Community: We will look at how growing up in a heterosexist and homophobic society has been internalized and, in turn, affected our interactions with our own community. Participants will have opportunities to begin identifying and confronting those experiences and actions.
  • Our World: We will have the opportunity to work together to heal the world at large and lift the systematic oppression that affects us globally.

Our goal is that participants will leave the weekend with a renewed sense of community and tools for change and healing

Registration and lodging for Stone and Stang 2014 is NOW OPEN!

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